FALCON 3270 for iPad

"FALCON 5250 for iPad" is a terminal emulator for IBM Power Systems (System i, iSeries, AS/400). This terminal emulator has compatible with "PCOMM (Personal Communications)". This terminal emulator provides end user features such as hotspots, virtual keyboard. This terminal emulator also provides secure host connectivity (SSL). When you use this terminal emulator, you can easily connect to a host system from the field and in-house.

"FALCON series" that intercom developed is the first terminal emulator in Japan. This series has actual sales of 2,905 companies / 1,020,000 clients in the total. This series has the lineup of the terminal emulator for IBM Mainframe, Fujitsu Mainframe, and Hitachi Mainframe, and IBM Power Systems (System i, iSeries, AS/400).

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Feature FALCON 3270 for iPad FALCON 3270 for iPad FREE
Number of configurable connection Unlimited 1 Connection
System request(Sysrq) key
Function keys (F01-F24)
Page Up / Down keys
Attention key
Numeric keypad
Supports 24x80, 27x132 screen size
Supports hotspots
(up to 5 items)
Color customize
Support SSL
Capture a screenshot
Supports Bluetooth devices (keyboard, barcode scanner)
Connection protocol (TN5250)
Supports the code pages listed below
037 (US)
500 (Multinational)
930 (Japan Katakana)
930 (Japan Katakana Extended)
931 (Japan English)
939 (Japan Latin Extended)

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Application Price Download
FALCON 5250 for iPad 47.99 US$
FALCON 5250 for iPad FREE Free

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FALCON 3270 for iPad